Regular message from the Minister at Almondbury Methodist Church
Message from our Minister - Revd Tim Francis

Dear friends

As I sit and write this the sun is shining and it is a bank holiday at the end of April. Soon it will be a bank holiday at the beginning of May, and then we will have another one at the end of May. Now banks these days don't always get a good name, but it is thanks to them that we have these days off. They were first introduced by the UK's Bank Holidays Act in 1871 and banks would close on these specific days originally linked to religious or cultural festivals.

Today people enjoy them in all sorts of ways, but I wonder if any pause to consider the root meaning of holiday. The name comes from holy days. So to follow this through we should be enjoying bank holy days. At first consideration this might seem a strange combination because when we think of banks we think of money which does not generally bring images of holiness to mind.

So perhaps as we are enjoying our bank holidays we might also pause to think about money, how we use it, how we see it being used. It was St Paul who wrote to Timothy saying:

"The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. (1Tim 6:10).

Money is important but Paul warns us not to make it our God as the consequence can be detrimental to us if we do. If I take the view all that I have, even my money, belongs to God, then whilst there is nothing wrong with using it to spend on things to help make my life better, I should also give thought to how I use it in the service of God. When we do this it can become holy.

So the words bank and holy day perhaps can go together more easily than at first glance.

Whatever you do on the bank holidays ahead I pray that you will feel the presence of the God who has given us all things close to you.

Every blessing


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