Regular message from the Minister at Almondbury Methodist Church
Message from our Minister - Revd Tim Francis

Dear friends

As I sit down to write this our Parliament is debating the latest deal with regard to our country leaving the European Union. There have also been calls from some for Scottish Independence and just recently I heard the Mayor of Manchester suggest the North should be given greater autonomy on some issues. It seems to me that at the heart of these things is the issue of sovereignty. Who has the final say on how we live our lives.

This has led me to some words of St Paul found in Philippians:
“Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ” (Phil 1: 27 NLT)

I wonder what this means for us? We may all have different views over the issue of the European Union or Scotland or even local government. We may all have different views over all manner of things including aspects of faith and what the Bible says on certain themes.

In all of this do we conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News? Do we place our citizenship of heaven before our citizenship of other places? If God has created the world and if humans are created in the image of God then as the psalmist says:

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.

The world and all its people belong to him.” (Psalm 24: 1 NLT)

Accepting God’s sovereignty may not always be easy, we may well have difficult choices to make and we may have to make sacrifices as we seek to be citizens of heaven first and lead lives worthy of the Good News. The great reassurance we have is that through God’s grace Christ is with us and the Holy Spirit guides us as we travel on in faith.

Every blessing


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