Regular message from the Minister at Almondbury Methodist Church
Message from our Minister - Revd Tim Francis

Dear friends

Summertime is here although there have been some days recently when it seemed more like a murky November day with all the rain we have had. This is the time when for many it is also a time to go away on holiday, especially if you have a young family. A Holiday can have a range of benefits. You can see somewhere new; or have a new and different experience; or enjoy relaxing and reading a good book in a pleasant setting as you watch the world go by.

What a holiday can do is give you a break from the everyday of life, whether it is a routine at home or the pressures of the workplace. There are times when we need such breaks in order to refresh ourselves so that we can be ready to go back to the everyday.

Now the Bible does not tell us of Jesus going on holiday does it? Well as a child he did go with his family to festivals, holy days (see Luke 2: 41 - 52). As an adult he did find time to get away from the crowds (see Mark 1: 35 or Luke 6: 12). These may have only been for a brief time but they do show that even Jesus needed a break.

It might be that for whatever reason we cannot go away for a traditional type of holiday this summer where we go away for a week or two. If that is the case perhaps we might be able to find some days where we take ourselves off to do something different. Visit the local attraction we have been meaning to go to, do that scenic walk for a day, or even just sit in the garden and read that good book that has been sitting on the shelf all year. As they say a change is as good as a rest, although personally I think we need the rest too…

(As I am writing this some people have just knocked on the door asking me if I think we are living in the last days. Well if they are right then perhaps we all need to get booking those holidays!!!)

Now, where was I? Oh yes, rest too… so we should not get worried if we do not fill up every minute of such days doing something but enjoy having time on our hands just to be.

We all lead different lives sometimes very busy, sometimes based on routine and there are times when it is good to take some time out in order to become refreshed, however we do it, God will still be there when we do.

Whatever you are doing this summer may you be richly blessed.

Every blessing


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